1. Using content from the FOTO POLSKA service.

1.1 Images downloaded from the FOTO POLSKA service may be used in different publications – brochures, guidebooks, web portals – to illustrate texts about Poland as a country attractive to tourists.

1.2 The images may not be used in the graphic design of websites, but solely as illustrations accompanying content about Poland posted on websites.

1.3 Resources available from the Service may be used by employees of the Polish Tourism Organization, foreign centres of the Polish Tourism Organization, tour operators, Polish and international journalists as well as the tourism industry in a broad sense.

1.4 Apart from the permissible scope of use specified in section 1.5. of the present Regulations, images downloaded from the FOTO POLSKA service may not be used for commercial purposes and operations aimed at advertising the organization wishing to publish the images, they may not be the subject of sale or turnover by organizations downloading images with the aim of gaining a measurable material benefit, including improving their reputation, image, recognition, or gaining financial benefits.

1.5 Images from the FOTO POLSKA service may not exceed 40% of the total photo images in a given publication; 60% of images must come from an organization’s own resources.

1.6 All images included in the FOTO POLSKA service are the property of the Polish Tourism Organization or licensees of the Polish Tourism Organization; moreover, they constitute works under copyright law and as such are protected by the regulations governing copyright law, personal rights and other rights of authorized organizations.

1.7 With the exception of cases specifically mentioned in the present Regulations, it is forbidden to copy, relay and in any way disseminate any parts or elements of the Service and the images it includes.

1.8 It is forbidden to:
a) interfere with the Service’s technical safeguards and intentionally bypass measures preventing or restricting access to the Service or to images,
b) test the level of the Service’s safeguards,
c) use any kind of devices, programming tools, algorithms or procedures that could affect the Service’s proper operation,
d) disseminate and sell the images to another person, whether a private individual or a corporate body, in any way, including within other platforms or services,
e) sell unchanged or modified copies of the images, for example as pictures, posters, flyers or other types of products,
f) present people identifiable in the images in an unfavourable light or in an offensive way,
g) use images or parts thereof with identifiable brand names to create misleading associations with a specific product or service.

1.9 Users who include images downloaded from the FOTO POLSKA service in their materials are obligated to provide the source of those images:

2. Other regulations.

2.1 The FOTO POLSKA service shall not be held responsible for any losses or damage caused by interruptions in the Service’s operation. The FOTO POLSKA service does not give any assurance or guarantee of the uninterrupted availability of any image from the Service.

2.2 The present Regulations are binding for the Service’s users as well as any organization on whose behalf a user uses the Service. If a user uses the service as part of their business duties as an employee, partner or representative of another organization, they hereby declare they do so with the knowledge and permission of that organization.

2.3 The FOTO POLSKA service reserves the right to make changes to the present Regulations, where users of the Service are bound by the version in force at the time they use the Service and its resources.